Golly Gomer Gohmert, Stupid Enough to Die For?

I’m at a loss. I have this question, you see, that no one will answer or else I receive many conflicting answers, usually along party lines. It’s simple in its clarity, yet deeply influential to the health of the country. Seems like everyone would admit the truth, then pull together for the good of humankind.

Alas, this is my question: Has the average stupidity of the American people plummeted in recent years?

I could phrase it as multiple choice:

  1. Yes, obviously
  2. Yes, but only among Republicans
  3. Yes, but only among those under thirty years of age
  4. No, the pandemic is a hoax perpetrated by the Fake News cabal whereupon 150,000 Americans sacrificed their lives for the sake of a scam (as well as 500,000 more worldwide). Yes, that’s some dedicated conspiracy.

This disease can kill you. Possibly, this disease will kill you. Sure, the weak among us are most vulnerable, but this has no age limit, no race limit, no party line. It’s insidious as it creeps from person to person, infecting rational people and turning them into incoherent nutcases.

I’m not speaking of Covid-19. This frightening disease is Stupidity-Now.

What happened to common sense? I understand irrationality from someone’s panic-induced hysterical outburst, but nowadays seemingly (that’s the key) normal people are calmly speaking to cameras or standing upon the Capital steps while professing strong beliefs that six hundred thousand to a million worldwide deaths is nothing to concern oneself with, that the CDC and experts like the brilliant Dr. Fauci are plain wrong or overwrought, that somehow the Democrats have conjured up this plague as an election year ruse, or that lots of people die from the flu every year so what’s all the fuss over a million more?

I’m at an age where I look upon our youth with forlorn hope anyway, trusting that the natural maturation process of the homo sapiens species will snap some sense into these people at some point so they can take over the reins, more or less, just as generations of forlorn hopes have done before them.

I know the average eighteen to twenty-two year old has, shall we say, a flexible concept of mortality with little fear he’d survive a zombie apocalypse, much less a flu-like pandemic. But I wonder at the total disregard he has for everyone else. Have we bred a generation of the most selfish, self-obsessed sentient minds since the Romans said, “Hey, let’s call it an empire.”

How can anyone, young or old, rationalize jeopardizing their parents’ health, or their grandparents’ or friends’ health? Lives are at stake. Get covid and you may not know it for two weeks as you spread it among everyone you love. Your mother may die simply for the sake of your thoughtless narcissism.

Many are doing the right thing. The point is everyone needs to pitch in. Some cannot protect us from the all. The evidence lies at Governor Santorum’s Retirement Home of Death where his motto is “Your golden years may be shorter than you think.” As governor, how do you sign an order opening up business knowing you are sentencing some of your constituents to death? In some misguided notion of the greater good? “You, sir, must give your life so that our young men and women may frolic at the beach. Uh, sorry for the inconvenience.”

I understand the economy is in freefall, some people are really hurting for money (I mean food on the table, keep the lights on hurting) and businesses are closing in dire financial straits. Still, we must remember that we have weathered the Great Depression and many economic downturns throughout American history. It is fraught with pain. We can get through it.

Yet Trump and his Republicans believe a healthy economy is worth the deaths of hundreds of thousands, as long as they’re old and near the end of life anyway. Once our young adults start expiring in like numbers, I’m sure that policy would change. He has a lot of voters in that demographic, after all.

So what are we to do—like, wear a mask?

Doh! Of course. It may not stop the spread, but it provides some shield against the rain storm of droplets bearing Covid-19 that are ejected from your face with every sneeze.

Covid doesn’t just wander from your body, rising from your skin like an astronaut floating from her berth as weightlessness is achieved. It wants to stay with you. It likes you. You feed it. It only leaves involuntarily when the pleasant mucous it’s wallowing in is ejected by a violent muscle spasm of your throat and chest.

Once free on the open air, Covid wants someone else. So containing much of the spray helps you prevent the disease in others. A mask’s greatest benefit is to everyone else.

Not selfish enough? Am I a deviant, thinking of others when the order of the day is act like Trump and push my own comfort and agenda no matter the consequences to the people around me?

Fortunately, most people are doing the right thing (now and, I hope, in November).

Which brings us to Representative Gomer, I mean, Louie Gohmert, R-TX. This lawmaking pinnacle of our legislature is so convinced NOT wearing a mask is the intelligent thing that he met with White House staff (notably Attorney General Barr) as he was carrying the disease. He is Covid-19 positive. Upon hearing the news, he returned to his office to spread more pestilence. He wanted to thank his loyal staff members and, possibly (who can be sure?), to bequeath them a gasping and lonely death.

As of this posting, AG Barr is being tested for coronavirus. I don’t wish this disease upon anyone, but AG Barr tries my moral compass. In fact, it’s spinning like a plane’s altimeter as it plummets to earth. Well, true north is in there somewhere.

I only wonder—think Barr visited The Donald after his close talk with Gomer? Well, here’s crossing my fingers.

Stay Friendly and Healthy.

Send Out the Clowns

The moment Donald Trump descended the escalator to announce his candidacy for president of the United States, you knew this was a joke. No one would elect this clown. Self-respecting Republicans would see through his pompous, uninformed rhetoric and sympathetically pat his combed-over head while grousing about the lack of a decent candidate. But they’d vote for one of the uninspiring but compos mentis challengers and hope for the best.

Strangely, and I still don’t understand it, conservatives elevated Trump in the primaries and rallied around him for the general election, enough for him to win against (I’ll admit) the stupidest choice under the circumstances the Democrats could have made in Hilary Clinton. I grudgingly voted for Clinton (I had voted for her husband, after all, when I was a Republican) only because I was physically repulsed by the inane blob of human skin (well, some of it is of a human-like substance) running against her.

It’s not that I don’t like his looks, that would be shallow and true and more to the point, moot. It’s not that I don’t like his policies in all their infatuated, illogical, cruelly backward, and monumentally ignorant glory. And it’s not that I don’t like his manner of speaking as uninformed, delusional, and childish as he is. It’s not any of that, for that’s my opinion and while good enough to decide my vote, there are those who agree ideologically with him and everyone’s entitled to their view.

No, my issue with The Donald, and this is where I deviate from his supporters, is his inability to articulate a decent thought, which makes me wonder if he can have a decent thought. He craps all over the constitution (how any American puts up with that I can’t understand—talk about gun control and people wave the sacred parchment more dearly than they hold their children), is imperious in his disregard for hard won human freedoms, and challenged to understand simple logic, like not ingesting household disinfectants to fight the flu.

What does it mean? I struggle to attribute his every utterance to a simpleton’s mind. Is it too easy to say he’s a perpetual seven year old who’s entrusted with nuclear codes and the good, responsible management of American lives? Paraphrasing Théoden: How did it come to this?

I search for a meaningful answer, hoping at some point Mr. Trump acknowledges his shortcomings (we all have them—well, maybe not in the same degree) and grows up a bit. To admit a flaw, to say you were wrong—these are not evidence of weakness but rather a demonstration of human decency and the willingness to find strength in fault. Alas, Mr. Trump seems incapable of such a human expression, dooming himself to uselessness and the likelihood that once he’s kicked out of office (which he’ll have to be), he’ll be considered the worst, most ineffectual, ridiculous president we’ve ever had. And that includes Millard Fillmore.

Worse, he hires sycophants in brazen shows of camaraderie, insists on their absolute loyalty to any inanity he utters, then vilifies these “friends” of his when they deign to disagree. After all of the musical chairs, we have left the most egregious yes-men willing to deconstruct American policy and the ideals we have strived to achieve over centuries.

Harassment of LGBTQ+ individuals and more to the point, removing freedoms and protections they have died for, is revolting in the least. Who are they hurting? The world needs more love, not more hate. Get over it.

And to promote a fascist, internal police state over black lives signals a moral decrepitude that should have vanished from American life long ago. But it’s always there in some, hopefully the few, but anymore, it’s hard to say. #blacklivesmatter

When Trump announced his plan to send US troops into the states for crowd control, effectively suggesting the creation of a police state, every conservative, let only every single American should have clutched their constitution and vowed: We made a mistake. Never again.

Never again.

Stay Friendly and Healthy.