Welcome to Modern Annoyances. My site is dedicated to small rants on everyday things, politics, people, and the annoyances of life that affect us all. As well, I present comfort tales, recipes, art, and essays to help improve our outlook and maybe ease the burden a little.

Posts for Modern Annoyances are anecdotal. A few names may be changed, a few situations altered for the telling of the story. Every word is not meant to be strictly factual. Rather, this is a site dedicated to opinion pieces that share stories of the modern day annoyances we all experience. My desire is to inform, provoke discussion, and educate—as well as fulfill, comfort, and hopefully amuse.

My posts do reference where I live: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of the great cities of America (it’s not consistently on Most Livable lists for nothing). While I hope Pittsburghers appreciate the local references and occasional slang, I make the regional flavor only an accompaniment to the heart of the situation so that the story is relatable to everyone.

I’m glad you stopped by. Please review the short essays within and let me know what you think via the comments section per post. Enjoy, and don’t take it too seriously.

Scott Baranmoore

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