The Law of the Two Hour Waiting Room

I wish there was an inverse relationship between the amount of time ahead an appointment is scheduled and the time waiting on the doctor once you arrive. For instance, make an appointment four months in advance, then the doctor should see you immediately once your foot is in the door. If you have to rush to MediHelp after demonstrating your new Ginsu knife, then you can expect to wait a while (assuming you’re not bleeding to death).

Sound reasonable?

Well, we know that physical laws are immutable and its as silly to break the Law of the Two Hour Waiting Room as it is to travel faster than light.

Or is it?

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The Public Living Rooms of Private People

You’re relaxed, sitting back, sucking down a beer and arguing with your brother over the finer points of a subject you know little about. Your spouse is laughing in your ear at something you don’t find funny at all and the kids are joyously running in circles, shrieking and bouncing off each other. Everyone’s together and having a good time.

Sounds like Sunday at the house watching the Steelers play?


Picture the scene at your local restaurant. Or the book store. Or the multiplex while watching Rocky XIII.

When did people start treating public places like their own living room?

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